Blown Motors, Rod Bearing Failure S65 Registry. – Page 115

Ok, so I’ve lastly experienced the entire listing! I would love to state that where I have actually created ‘validated blown engine’ etc, I just suggest that I have validated that is what the proprietor states. Although for some I have actually found some extra info (e.g photos) & published the web links that substantiates this. I’ve additionally corrected some unclear or incorrect web links & added name adjustments. Where no links are given, see original list. Numerous of the situations are from failed major bearings! As well as a couple of engines damaged by an injector falling short & a pair by oil pump failures! In my following post I have divided out the keys failures from the RB failures etc, in addition to eliminated dead linked ones & simply wrong info, see my message below. For some reason I seem to have a lot of time atm machine! Anyhow, this checklist is a straight copy of the positions of the original checklist in the op. I am adding new/newly found situations to the listings in my adhering to blog post.

Blown Motors, Rod Bearing Failure S65 Registry. - Page 115 failed miles

4. MathewDavid – NOT blown up! Ticking noise later disappeared! 5. Gatchaman – confirmed pole & major bearings, 5.6 k! 6. I LOVE MY M3 – NOT exploded! 24, motor removed because of sounds. 8. DLSJ5 – confirmed blown engine, but due to oil leak from supercharger! Ran out of oil! Plus had high boost! 9. armorrig – not confirmed! No proof or article of a blown engine. 11. h4nh – confirmed engine exploded in a later message, supercharged & run 89/91 fuel! 18. Canadian – validated rotated rod bearings, 6.3 k! 27. foolio2 – validated engine failing (video of auto seems like pole bearings knocking. 29. Representative Orange, name changed(? Morally Gray – verified major bearing failure! Supercharged, suspicions fall on the supercharger though. 30. Perhaps 5 various other situations in Oz? 35. mkoesel – most likely pole bearings fell short – video generated, sounds like a huge end knocking (not belt sound lol! 523 – not verified, in Spanish! 39. JRLittle – confirmed busted rod, 500 miles !! 2010 MY.

Blown Motors, Rod Bearing Failure S65 Registry. - Page 115 failed miles

Possible contributory factor, RPM run in restriction went beyond. 41. neilm3 – not validated, first failing not because of RBs, headgasket stopped working which cause coolant mixing with oil consequently ruining RBs. 43.Malek@MRF – verified RBs failed 38k miles, 2011 MY, was running 0w/40 oil for last 15k miles. 44. Five potential instances in Bahrain by 0-60Motorsports – not confirmed, no links, no real information, nothing! 47. fer316 (4 in Europe) – not validated yet, in Spanish, may convert it later. 45k miles, 2nd (used) engine! 64. maloo – records of RBs stopped working on an M3 included in the ‘Boston Bimmer’ magazine (not offered online). 68. Ging – validated blown engine yet NOT rod bearings, this was a rare situation of a pole splitting (Arrow rods, bearings were complimentary), 24k kms (14.9 k miles), forced induction (7.5 PSI). M3 – verified stopped working RBs, racked up cylinders, say goodbye to information. 79. BostonS65 – confirmed engine failure, yet unknown cause (however ‘metal anywhere’ inside engine & 1 cyl down on compression), 3.1 k miles!

Blown Motors, Rod Bearing Failure S65 Registry. - Page 115 fell short

80. chamoloco – verified engine failing, yet unsure cause, he perhaps defines a big end knock yet claims the little end bearings were ‘broken’! 85. CHIEFKIEF – validated RBs fell short, 30k miles, 2009, no more info. 87. MFKN3 – confirmed RBs stopped working (‘rod knock’), he specifies of 3 various other neighborhood (Aus) M3s with birthing failing, no more information. 90. MPACT – verified rotated bearings 1 & 5, 67k miles, 2011, supercharged, 2nd engine spun same bearings together with no1 mains harmed! Uncertainties fall on a concern with the supercharger setup causing no1 mains failure on both. 3 – verified blown engine just, no other information whatsoever! K – validated blown engine only, no other information at all! 100. ase2dais – undetermined, reported ‘tic-tic’ sound might’ve been anything, although automobile was replaced after 2 fell short repair service efforts. 102. e92Mjunky – unfavorable, nothing regarding a blown engine, but he put an S65 into an e46 M3!

105. houston – only verified engine confiscated, 17k miles, 2011, no additional details. 107. E92NJM3 – holed piston due to a fallen short injector! 108. romemmy – verified engine blown, damaged disadvantage rod as a result of seized RBs (potentially brought on by a stopped working main bearing), supercharged, no more information. 113. M3E90SF – confirmed RBs failed, 42k miles, 2008, engine replaced by BMW (partial good will). 117. grantwoodOK – verified RB failing, 70k miles, 2011. And also potentially a 2nd one! 123. GSTE34 – verified blown engine (rod thrown), 88k miles, 2008, however NOT as a result of RBs however a rod bolt befalling! 127. EAS client – verified RB failing (incl. 80k miles, 2008, no further details. 136. Irritate’s employer – validated RBs failed, 46k miles, 2011, no more information. 137. spr – alternative thread reveals their was nothing wrong with the engine! 142. maicol76 (no2!) – verified blown engine, however is because of piston calling a detached valve head! 45-52k miles, 2013), 2011, tracked exclusively for 3yrs to after that.

By Tom S.

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